Sunday, 11 July 2010

Channeling Anne Widdicombe

Good morning all,

I had my hair cut and coloured the other day, its a bit darker than usual and a bit shorter and I can't help but think that I look like Ann Widdicombe in her dark hair period, for non UK readers there is an image of her above, thats not me! The hairdresser has done something very odd with my fringe.

Haven't blogged for a couple of days which means that i'm not being very good, I think that my restriction has worn off and i'm hungry and keep getting in the habit of picking at food and it seems like i'm constantly eating.

My scales said 16st 5lbs (229) and then 16st 6lbs (230)which is probably correct. I really need a fill but can't see when i'm going to be able to go and get one, George has finished nursery and Isobel finishes tomorrow lunchtime and Paul is working the whole time, getting a fill is such a pain. I'm going to at least book on for the future and try and work out how I can get there.

Not band but possibly exciting news. We're hopefully going to a view a house today which seems to fit exactly what we're looking for, we're currently in a fairly new 4 bed detached house with little parking and a very small garden. The house size wise is fine but the outside space isn't big enough. There is a house for sale in our village which is 4 bed with much bigger garden and lots of parking, it has full river views and is about 200 years old, it used to be an inn about a 100 years ago. Its lovely, although i'm yet to see inside, I think that it has lots of old features like beams which are not really my thing but we'll see what its like when and if we go to view.
This all means that I need to attack our house incase we decide to put it on the market to buy the other house. I'm starting by clearing all clutter, of which we have loads and loads, i'm going to do a car boot sale on Sunday to get rid of it. I hate car boot sales!
Grace, I really need you now!!

We have Isobel's speech and prizegiving afternoon at school, please think "behave well Isobel or your mum will kill you vibes" for me!!

Have a good day all xx


  1. Sounds perfect... I can;t wait to hear more. *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..." Check out my blog at

  2. ooooh. that house sounds charming..
    curious.. car boot sale = yard sale? love the translation if it's the same..
    Sounds like you do need that fill.. I know in the beggining I could not wait till my next one and actually had a calendar countdown.. be will Alison1

  3. Good luck!! I hope that you can get your fill soon. Mommies are always running for everyone else!