Saturday, 24 July 2010


*edited to add* It's my 4 month bandiversary today, i'm down 23 pounds (4lb's over my lowest) I wish that it was more but still don't have restriction but all in all i'm ok with it.

The scale said 16st 6 this morning (230 lbs) which is much better, I had a great day yesterday other than later on when I just needed something sweet.

I've obviously been taking note of what everyone eats as I had a protein shake for breakfast, non fat Greek yoghurt with granola for lunch and chilli made with turkey and brown rice for dinner.
I not only went to the gym yesterday but also walked there, had very sore feet as for some stupid reason I left the house in flip flops, which are really unsuitable for walking on that kind of terain, I wore my gym shoes on the way home but they aren't that much better as they are very thin soled.
I'm going again today but have other things to do so can't walk.

I am dieting at the moment, I don't have any restriction at all, i'm making an appointment for a fill tomorrow, I can't go for 2 weeks but will feel better if I at least have it booked.

First full week at home with the kids, I can hardly wait! Actually, that's a lie, it fills me full of dread! At the moment they do nothing but fight, Isobel is really maddly jealous of George, you would have thought that after almost 3 years she would have got over it but sadly she hasn't. George for the most part is a poppit but he is starting to assert himself and quite enjoys winding his sister up. Wish me luck!


  1. Hang in there Alison.. First Happy Bandiversary.. the months seem to fly by... dont they??
    I know it is so much more challenging with out the full restriction of the band. I know I used this period to start to learn new habits (I AM STILL Learning).. but it is so good that you are getting the exercise in. I just REALLy started to exercise and noticed that has been the difference in getting the scale to move.. have a great day.. and tell the munchkins to be good.. hugs

  2. I'm with Barbara! You'll get there-- one day at a time for now, and you are doing just great!!!

  3. Happy bandiversary! You are doing great, Alison, regardless of the scale (damn thing).