Friday, 23 July 2010

Home again

Good morning,

Had a really nice break, thanks for all your good wishes. The kids had a ball, we swam, played in parks and rode bicycles everyday, they loved it.

Despite all that physical activity the scale is awful today! 16st 9lb's (233 lbs), I ate allot, I did try and be good but it didn't last long, i'm hoping that as it went on quickly, it will come off quickly, i'm booking a fill on Monday for mid August which is the first time I can get there, I hope to at least get to where I was before that. I'm going to go to the gym this morning.

Our house is now on the market, i'm worried about how we are going to afford the new house if we get it, it's much more expensive than our current house but Paul is convinced it will be fine, he's an accountant, he ought to know!

Just going to catch up on blogs, going to take a while!

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