Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Just had to note this!

Sorry, 2 boring blog entries in one day!

I just had lunch, (home grown) rocket, tomato's, cucumber, cheese and chicken breast. I was eating really slowly and I got about 2 3rds through and suddenly thought that I didn't need any more, I didn't feel full, I felt satisfied I suppose.

This is a new feeling for me, I normally just eat and eat and eat. I'm really pleased but fully aware that this might be a one off.

Also, my (UK) size 20 jeans which have been a little tight and slightly uncomfortable seem a bit looser today.

Am going to celebrate the above by taking the kids to the zoo after school and hopefully having a good walk (if I can tear them away from the play area!)


  1. Have I told you I love your profile picture? You look suspiciously just like Thomas the Tank engine. How strange that there is such a resemblance!

  2. It sounds like you might be near the Green Zone! YAY!

  3. I'm often mistaken for Thomas but to be quite frank Thomas has a much bigger backside than I do!