Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Eating home grown rocket for lunch.


Nothing very exciting going on, I really am very dull, I suggest you all go and read more exciting blogs, mine is boring.

The most exciting thing that has happened today was picking rocket from the garden and eating it for lunch with pesto chicken (lovely!) tomato's, cucumber and cheese (sadly, non home made)

Scales are ok, weighing 16st 6lbs - 16st 7lbs (230/231 lbs), they don't seem to be going down even though I am doing quite well, i'm hoping for a sudden drop of 2 or 3 pounds soon!

Have been exercising, gym sat, sun and today and a long walk with George yesterday.

Talking of George, have any of you stolen my adorable almost 3 year old and replaced him with a moany teenager? If I call his name he automatically says no! I'm his most favourite person in the world, what's happening?

Hope everyone else is doing well, I have been reading blogs but every now and again my laptop decides not to connect to the internet and my itouch doesn't seem to like blogger. Am considering getting an ipad, anyone got one?


  1. My kids are both in their 20's and they still talk back at me. It never ends. Scales! Don't they seem stuck sometimes? Mine wouldn't move for weeks but now they are, slowly but surely.

  2. I didnt lose for 5 weeks but I remember pre band that I couldnt keep a pound of for five minutes so even staying the same feels like success to me.

  3. There are no terrible two's only terrible three's!!!