Saturday, 26 June 2010

First pb

Morning all,

Its 6.44 and I'm downstairs alone, I need alone time in the morning, why is it once I shimmy down the stairs as quietly as possible, make coffee quietly and then sit down that both children wake up? Not fair.

Had my first pb last night, I was really good all day, after the gym I had lunch, scrambled eggs, cheese and a little toast followed by fruit salad, didn't eat anything at all until about 7 when Paul made us marinaded chicken with saffron rice, it was lovely but it was dry! I managed about a quarter, I was trying to chew properly but was quite hungry. I started to feel quite stuck which was uncomfortable, not sliming though, after about 10 minutes I thought i'd have some water to move it, big mistake! Felt dreadful and very very stuck, decided to go to the bathroom but made my husband come with me as I thought I might die in there when suddenly the water came back up, the food was still stuck but it felt much much better with the water gone, I didn't eat or drink anything for a while and gradually felt ok.
Didn't eat any more food other than some chocolate with a cup of tea later on, special chocolate full of anti oxidents, almost a health food!

Today I weighed in at 16st 4lbs, 228 lbs. That's a total of 25 pounds lost, I was banded 3 months ago. I feel that i've lost very slowly, mainly as I haven't got my eating habits under control, guess that this will be helped once i've had another fill. But, I'm ok with 25 pounds, if someone told me that i've loose that much on the 5 day pre-op and the last 3 month's I would have happily taken it.

Am going to the gym again this morning, I think that I might walk, its going to be very hot again but i'm going fairly early so should be ok.
It's the England v Germany world cup match this afternoon, my husband is stressed, we have a really bad record at playing football against Germany, especially when it comes to penalties, Mr Alison will not be a happy chappy later on.
Shame about the USA going out, I really felt for the team afterwards. Am happy that there is an African country left in though, if England don't win i'd like Ghana to win!


  1. Yeah for 25 pounds. Sorry about the pb. I too have learned to never try drinking water to move it. Just doesn't happen and more painful. I have a problem with dry anything. Always need a sauce on my meat, chicken, etc. I do find I need to have fluids/mushies for a day to let my stomach heal after a bad pb. Doesn't happen as much now that I know when I have reached the limit of the amount of food. I too like my quiet time with coffee in the morning. Enjoy!

  2. I try to drink water, too when I'm stuck! It always seems like a good idea...until it's not :)

    You are doing great! 25 lbs is more than a lot of people lose on "regular" diets. The best part is: you aren't really suffering through the process. You still eat chocolate and lose!

    Hang in there! You are kicking butt!!

  3. never never never drink when stuck! In fact never drink after a meal. It flushes the food through but strangly it doesnt clear a blockage?
    Anyway I pb quite a lot, usually dry food so I have a lot of experience with this. Drinking never works.

    Hope you dont have too many episodes like this.
    I have switched to weighing once a week on a Sunday morning and it seems to be working for me. Being a Sunday it makes you be good all weekend and I know my weight fluctuates during the day so its a good indication of how the week went only weighing once a week.It took a lot of will power to change though. I was a ten times a day girl before!
    Good luck with the weight loss you are doing great.