Saturday, 25 February 2012

Good morning

Thanks for everyone who advised about my aftercare decision.

I'm having a fill next month before my aftercare period is up, after that I'm going to leave it and if I feel I'll need more I might just pay as a one off or I may start the years contract, I don't have to start it immediately so I think that's what I'll do. I do like the idea of having the contract but I seems to take forever to get an appointment and that won't change even if I have a contract!

I reached another lowest low today, it's a slow road just now as I keep sabotaging myself with chocolate. I went to the gym last night and I do think that I could be partly dehydrated but the scale said 13st 11 (193 lbs) which is marvelous!

Lot's going on just now, we decided to put my car up for sale as it's terrible in snow and ice despite looking like a 4wd it's more like a ice skate. I didn't really think it through as had no idea what to replace it with, it's now sold so today is going to be spent running around trying to find a replacement!

Hope that everyone is well, am going to catch up on blogs now.


  1. Hope you work out what to do about your after care and about your car :p

    Congrats on your new low, it has to feel great :o)

  2. After care is a difficult one. I go ages without needing to see anyone and then even now have bursts where I need to wiggle around with some fill/unfill or some other complaints and need to go in more than once in a period. As you get further and further towards goal hopefully you will be great to go with just a very infrequent visit.

    Oh...Have fun finding that car. I hope you get a good one.


  3. Good for you on the new low!! And great idea on getting a fill before aftercare ends... then you can see how it goes from there.
    I find that my band is so changeable-- but right now I am on an upswing in terms of feeling more in control... it took a while to get into it.
    Keep us posted!

  4. So glad you made a decision you're comfortable with! And wow, you're gonna be in the 180's before you know it. :)