Saturday, 3 March 2012

How did that happen?

From my lovely low of a week ago I appear to have gained 5 pounds!
I gained a pound almost every day and yet I've done ok, I've been working out hard (for me at least!) at the gym and my choices have been mostly good although I have been guilty of having a bit extra and justifying it as I've been to the gym.

I've been trying to learn how to run, Nora inspired me to do this. Over the last few weeks I've been doing the odd minute running, couple of minutes to recover and then run again. Yesterday I manage 31 mins on the treadmill alternating a minute walking/a minute running the whole time, very pleased that I managed it, I then did 25 minutes on the cross trainer. According to the gym machines I burned 500 calories, why then did I gain 2 pounds over night? Must be my big bulging muscles under the huge layer of fat!

Did have a NSV though, I have a top I bought from H&M months ago, can't remember what size it is but I looked like a sausage in a skin in it, I've tried it on many times at the same weight I am now and it looked dreadful. I tried it on on Friday and it looked great, fitted but not skin tight so something is obviously working.

As of today I am going to get a grip on my eating, am eating cereal without measuring and am eating more chocolate than I ought to so will start measuring/not eating so much chocolate. I'll be going to the gym tonight and I'll be taking my vitamins as I've not done that for a few days which is bad.

It's my birthday on Friday, I'll be 39! 39!!! I still feel about 15, goodness knows why people trust me to look after children!
I'm not far away from my 2 year bandiversary either, 25th of March, would be wonderful to be lower than I am now, solidly in the 13 somethings would be good rather that jumping up and down!

Happy Sunday all x


  1. ROFL about the sausage comparison! And I can relate about a weight gain when busting butt to lose. And I hate to say it because I hated hearing it, lol, BUT it will work itself out so keep positive.

    And that's a great idea about being more aware of food choices/measuring.


  2. When you first start working out you gain a bit of water and thus weight. Don't worry about it too much go more with the awesome shirt fitting message. I look at it as our bodies doing their evil best to get us to quit being good and give up.


  3. It sounds like you had a great workout! 500 calories!! I was thrilled Saturday night when I burned just over 200! That's awesome about the shirt--even though the scale might not seem to agree, obviously you're doing something right! :)

  4. Keep up the running-- it is so healthy and great for you.
    AND: I've certainly seen some major swings, hopefully the 5 pounds came off by now-- if it hasn't, drink a ton of water every day and also watch that cereal and chocolate!!

  5. Happy Birthday for Friday!
    I'm so impressed with the running you're doing; wish I could motivate myself to do the same. Keep up the good work!