Saturday, 10 March 2012

39 years young

Friday was my birthday, I'm 39, shocking!
I had a nice time and was very spoiled, the most touching thing was that the children were very anxious to get me lovely gifts and had many phone calls with Daddy at work discussing what they want him to buy, George wanted to get me a necklace and a ring and Izzy a dress and a coat! I have trained them very well!!

A friend also made me a cake in the shape of an iPhone as she knows I love mine so much, I was blown away that someone would take the time to do that for me and it tastes great!

With the above in mind the scale hasn't changed at all, still at 14st 2 (198 lbs) which is quite frankly depressing. I can eat much more just at the moment and bread doesn't seem to be a problem at all which is unusual for me, I think that this could be the exercise maybe loosening the band, would it be internal fat going? Have no idea and not sure I want to dwell on my fatty innards!

I have a fill on Tuesday, I'm ashamed to say that I'm about the same weight as last time I went which was about 3 months ago. My clinic has moved to Harley St which is off Oxford St which could be dangerous for my bank account!
I blew some birthday money yesterday on new gym kit, really needed new bra's and trousers and a top, I've blown the rest of my birthday money and much much more money on a black Mulberry Bayswater bag, I've just ordered it. I've considered this purchase for so long that I've just got up and done it, I'm bored of thinking about it now!

Am going out tonight for a birthday meals with my friends, this will be my last celebration, wonder if I can drop the 5 pounds intime for Tuesday??


  1. I think it could totally be your exercise. A little fill will probably soon have you headed off in the right direction. Luck..and happy birthday!!


  2. Happy birthday, I don't think it is really possible to lost that 5pounds by Tuesday, not unless you got food poisoning at dinner, and I would not wish that one on anyone, stay healthy and enjoy your celebrations.

  3. Thanks for your comments on by blog; totally forgot that you asked me about recommendations for OH's bday. What about Bristol? It's sort of halfway between Cardiff and Bath, both geographically and culturally! We're probably a bit further south than you would want to be travelling (on the Somerset/Dorset/Devon border), otherwise I would suggest somewhere on the coast such as Lyme Regis. Or if you want to splash a bit of cash, you could always do what we did for my hubby's 40th - a trip to Burgh Island

  4. Where are you. Wondering how you and th kids are doing. You haven't osted in ages.

  5. It should have said--you haven't posted...

  6. Hi Alison, Hows things? 4 years… I like hearing from us 'longtime banded' club

    Xx hugs bunny xX