Tuesday, 23 March 2010

21 followers and 2 days to go!

Thank you to all followers and all your lovely comments.

According to my scales i'm down 4 pounds, have done 3 days of pre-op diet, I now weigh 247 lbs or 17 st 9lb's

Have just paid the balance for the operation, there is no going back. I'm scared, really scared, not really of the pain, I've had 2 c-sections, 1 under general anesthetic, they must have been much worse and at least this time I won't have an enormous baby to try and nurse ( Isobel was 10.3 lb and 10 days early and George 11.8lb's and 7 days early, It was hard going)

I'm not going to have anyone with me as Paul has to be here because of the children, only him and Sarah know and to be honest i'd only want Paul with me, i'll probably be much braver on my own.

Have just taken George to a playgroup, George is a proper homebody, he's like an old man, he likes his seat on the couch and likes to sit and demand whatever he wants! He spent most of the time there saying come on Mummy, home. I had a friend there who informed me that her son had headlice, she did this when he was sat next to George, i'm not impressed and have been itching constantly since! Imagine, Sorry Alison, we can't operate you have an infestation!!
I'm going to buy some teatree shampoo later and use it on all of us, I just had my hair coloured, will be most impressed if it removes it.

As you can gather from the above, nothing exciting is happening in my life!


  1. Hey, 2 days to go is pretty exciting.

  2. I know how you feel! My kids are sick and of course I'm taking care of them. All I can think is "Crap, I'd better not get sick!!"

    Good luck!

  3. Two days! Hope they go fast. And tea tree oil is supposed to be one of the best for lice--I go by the hair dye. I can't imagine anything living through that.

  4. Wooo whoo 2 days. I was nervous about it right up to when they knocked me out. Kept thinking do I want to do this is it going to work.. And to tell you the truth I have never regretted it.. YEah...

  5. So excited for you!! Only two more days!

  6. Head lice! My kids had that a couple of years ago. Two more days!

  7. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck for your op; I've only just found your blog but will follow you from now as it will be great to read a UK one!

  8. Not that I don't really enjoy reading blogs from other countries, I should add, but there aren't may of us from this side of the pond!