Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tuesday 16th March

Hello and welcome to my blog. I've never written a blog before and live a dull life so i'm not sure its going to be very interesting!

I'm 37, live in England and am married with 2 children. I've been overweight for as long as I can remember and have dieted on and off for over 10 years but i'm still overweight. I have always thought that weightloss surgery was a step too far for me but suddenly about 6 weeks ago decided that I couldn't carry on as I was and I started researching a gastric band.

I liked the band as its fairly non-invasive and if it all goes wrong it can be taken out and everything should go back to normal.

I weigh (I never tell anyone this) 17 st 13 lb's which is 251 pounds. When i've dieted in the past I have never got below 15 stones (210 pounds)

I'm having the surgery privately and my surgery date is March the 25th. I'm having it done in London with Healthier Weight who have a really good reputation.

I'm scared, really scared. The operation frightens but I think that i'm more frightened incase it fails, surely this is my last resort?

I only have to do a 5 day diet, i've bought the packs from the company who i'm having the surgery with, hopefully they will arrive very soon as i'm due to start on Saturday. This week i'm following Weight watchers (hopefully for the last time ever) to hopefully give me a little loss and ease me in to the pre-op diet.


  1. Don't be scared, everything will be fine! I know, you want to smack people who are like "don't be scared", but everything will be great! The band is a wonderful tool and it was the best decision I have made! I am looking forward to hearing about your journey!

  2. I had it privately as well. Which company are you with? I had mine with WLS group. they are great.