Wednesday, 17 March 2010

8 days to go

Nothing very exciting happening today. Just at home with my son, George who is 2 and gorgeous!

Thought that I would write about why I decided to start a blog, I have read dozens and dozens of lap band blogs and they have all been a fantastic help, i've only managed to find 1 other British one and so spend lots of time wondering what cilantro is and trying to work out if I have the time to import all these fantastic pro-band products that seem to be available in the States.
The day by day updates are so helpful and I feel I know pretty much what to expect.

I've called my provider and chased up the foodpacks, they should be here tomorrow, I have 1 day to get my head around them and i'm on the liquid diet on Saturday.

I've been thinking alot about what multivitamin to take post surgery, I guess that it should be soluble, better do some research.

Am on day 3 of following Weight watchers, i've not lost anything at all!! Its just not fair!


  1. Welcome to Blogg land.....

  2. I have the bassets soft and chewy vitamins raspberry flavour. I bought them in boots. they are chewy but can also melt in the mouth so are fine from the day after surgery