Thursday, 18 March 2010

Have my first follower! Thanks BigDaddy.

Just recieved 3 huge boxes of dried food stuffs for my 5 day pre and 3 week post operative diet, there is loads of it but then I guess its almost 4 weeks worth of food.

This time next week it should all be over, can't quite believe that its happening and am having some doubts today. Does anyone end up regreting having a band fitted? Read an awful post on Ukgastricband forum and its got me thinking.

Today's dilema is telling people, only my husband and my best friend know, no one else, not my Mother or Father, Paul (husband) says that they don't need to know unless I want to tell them, I just don't want to get in to wether I should do this or not, maybe I should tell them after or maybe they don't ever need to know, they should only (hopefully!) notice the weight loss and that i'm eating less, right? but everything else should be pretty normal I hope!

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  1. Hi Alison! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're getting so close to surgery - I know that's when my worries/doubts started to kick in.
    I didn't tell everyone - no one at my work. It's a hard decision, because you've finally made the decision to do something about your weight and you don't want to have people try to talk you out of it.