Saturday, 27 March 2010

day 2

Boring title I know but don't feel well enough to come up with anything better!

Had a better night last night, I can sleep on my left which is my favoured side so that really helped, I managed about 6 hours straight and then and extra hour or so.
I've had my pain killers, I feel a little uncomfortable but not too bad.
I feel quite odd, I feel hungry but full at the same time, its most odd! I've not had any breakfast yet (its 9.30 am here) I normally have a protein shake but I don't think I can face it, so thick and nasty!
So its all moan moan moan here with me, Paul has taken the children off, Isobel is going away for the weekend with my Mum, they are going to stay with my aunt in the Cotswolds, they come back tomorrow but its the first time she's been away from home without us, she is so excited! Paul is taking George to visit his brother so they won't be back until much later.
Paul is taking the children to stay with his parents on Tuesday until Friday so I can have some quiet recovery time, i'll miss them but I am looking forward to it, his parents think that i'm going too but my "bad back" will make it impossible, I feel awful having to lie but I just can't even comtemplate telling them.
Isobel broke up from school yesterday, she's off for 3 weeks and 1 day, Paul goes back to work after easter, lord help me!

I weighed in this morning, 17st 7 pounds, 245 pounds I think.

Hope everyone is well, sorry for my boring, miserable post!


  1. Things will get better! Hang in there.... and congratulations for taking a great step towards a healthier you!

  2. Things get much easier quite quickly, I'm sure you'll find in another day or two you'll feel much better! Make the most of your child-free time to put your feet up and relax. Alternatively, could I drop my little boy round to you so I can put my feet up for a bit?!

    Like you, I was able to sleep on my back and left side straight after surgery; I then found that propping a pillow under my tummy when I felt like sleeping on the right really helped.

  3. You're doing great. Its nice that you will get some alone time to relax, its important!!

  4. I'm glad you're getting time to rest. Enjoy it! You should start to feel more yourself in a day of two.