Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy mothers day!

Its not actually mothers day here but it is in most other places. Hope that everyone is spoilt and/or spoils their mum today.

I will tell my husband its mothers day here just to panic him I think!

Went for tapas last night, there was alot of food, I ate about 3/4's of my portion and was stuffed, it was really nice though. I suprised myself by not having dessert, I had coffee instead. Unfortunatly the scales are up 2 pounds but I know that thats probably down to salt and eating late at night and will go shortly.

Off out shortly to take Isobel to the cinema, want to do a little shopping too, I need some new make up and I'd like some fitness trainers, skechers or MBT's. Was talking to a lady in the gym today who bought some and said they were on offer so will go and have a look.

Hope that everyone has a good day xx


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Alison!

  2. Happy early Mother's day Alison!

  3. Hi Alison, I was looking at the Sketchers that train you while you walk but they are quite expensive, would love to know where they are on special. Happy shopping and Happy Mothers Day x

  4. Happy early mommas day to you..