Thursday, 6 May 2010

No sleep but loving the scales.

Have yet another ill child, George now seems to have an ear infection, he's been up since 1am, brought him in to us at 5, he slept a little as did I, I then woke up with him giving me a massive kiss, the sentiment was lovely but I thought I was drowning! So no nursery for him which means no gym for me and no vacuuming the stairs - am very disapointed! We're off to the Dr's in a while and then i'm hoping that we can both sleep, Isobel is better and my friend has taken her to school and is picking her up from school and giving her dinner which is lovely of her.

The scales are my friend today, I weighed in at 16 st 12 lbs (236 lbs), which is my lowest weight, I only stood on them twice, was too exhausted to do it again. Feel like i'm back on track which is great, eating (healthy) ready meals seems to be really helping. I've lost a measily 17 pounds in total.

Have mentioned before that no one other than my husband and best friend know about my surgery, I planned to tell my friend N about it. She's a good friend and is quite overweight, she told me about 2 years ago that she was doing a vlcd (very low cal diet) called Lighterlife and that was a last ditch attempt and if it didn't work she was going to have surgery. I remember thinking that that was quite drastic! She did well on the diet but came off it and gained a fair bit of weight back, I invited her out for dinner for my birthday in March and she said that she was back on the diet and couldn't come.
I tried to call her a few times before my surgery and didn't get an answer, tried again after surgery and got no answer. Caught her on facebook the other day and had a chat, I mentioned that i'd tried to call, had she been away, she hadn't. So I told her that i'd wanted to tell her that i'd had surgery and i've not heard from her since, this is 2 weeks ago!
To be fair, she has alot going on, she has a son who has special educational needs and has been out of school for a while so she has been fighting to get him a place somewhere aswell as looking after him full time.
But, I am finding it very odd, I wonder if she's a bit cross that I had surgery and she hasn't or she has had surgery and doesn't want to say. There is every possibility that I am over thinking this and she'll be in touch soon, it is very odd behaviour for her though. Has anyone had odd reactions from people who they thought would be supportive?


  1. 17 pounds is still 17 pounds! You are doing great!

    I hope your friend is just busy, not upset. When she gets back to you, maybe ask her if she's still considering surgery and answer any questions/calm any of her fears. I'm sure she'd appreciate it!

  2. You are doing great and the weight is going in the right direction. You and I almost weigh the same so I might start telling people I am 16 stone 12 lbs. It sounds like so much less than the way we do it in the States!

    I'd suggest giving your friend the benefit of the doubt, especially if she has so much else going on. I'm sure the response she wants to give you will take a fair bit of time. Still it would be nice if she would respond! But perhaps she is jealous and doesn't want to act badly.