Monday, 3 May 2010


Happy mayday! Not sure if other countries celebrate, not that we celebrate we just have the day off work/school.

I feel a bit of a let down but I didn't go to the support group on Saturday, I was planning to go but George had been ill and up half the night, I went to the gym in the morning and to be honest I was tired and I just couldn't be bothered, its about a 40 minute drive from here. I will go next month, its not that I will never go again, I find I get so much support from here that its not that much of an issue for me.

The scales showed a shocking 17st 2 today! Have been 16 st 13 for ages, I deserve 17 2 though, i've not been great. It has given me a bit of a kick I think, I will try and be better, 10 days to my fill.

Managed to go to the gym Saturday and Sunday, I would normally go tomorrow too but couldn't get a suitable slot as George is only at nursery for 2 hours, I really need to clean and treat my floors so will come home and do that, it should be quite good exercise. Will go Thursday and Saturday and Sunday and will do something that involves alot of walking with George on Wednesday.

Have just come back from yet another party, it was ok, don't have anymore invitations as yet, yippee!!

Hope everyone is well.


  1. In Canada, we have the May 24 weekend off. Love a long weekend when things are getting warm outside!

  2. We celebrate May Day on 5/1 in the States, but we don't get any time off. It has actually become a big day of protests. There are always lots of rallies for immigrant rights and such.

  3. Kudos on hitting up the gym this weekend!! Don't beat yourself up about missing the support group-you had very good reasons.

    Keep up the good work!