Wednesday, 5 May 2010

we have a difference of opinion!

Did I mention that my scales were rubbish? They are today I weighed in at 17 st 0 (238 lbs) I can never trust it so tried again, it said 16st 13 (237) 3 times so I thought that was probably it, made the mistake on standing on them about 5 minutes later and they said 17st twice so have no idea really!
Have looked at buying some more, have checked out lots of reviews and none seem to be very accurate, does anyone recomend any scales? Even if they are in the US I should be able to get them here.

Managed to eat well all day yesterday, am going to do the same today. I have the added problem of having both of my kids at home today, Isobel has an ear infection, went to dr's last night and was told to keep her off school today. She seems fine, bit snotty, bit tired and her behaviour is appalling so same as usual!

I know that I moan about my kids alot here, I love them more than anything but goodness me Isobel is trying my patience at the moment. She is 5 going on 13. She got in to trouble at school yesterday for refusing to stand in line. She spent an hour with the headteacher making up excuses for not standing in line and refusing to appologise. I know that this could be as she was feeling a bit unwell but this is the latest in a long line of things.
I do think that because of the kind of school it is with fairly small class sizes they see and address everything whereas in larger classes some of it would be noticed.
Anyway, I could go on but quite frankly i'm boring myself, I have no idea what to do.

8 days until my fill, am feeling hungry, perhaps i'll eat Isobel, solve 2 problems at once!

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  1. Maybe I need to buy new scales too. I have that same scale problem. I think we just weigh too much. I do it too. It goes up a few ounces, down a few ounces, and finally I just accept one and get off!
    Sorry Isobel is not feeling well. My "baby" is 15 and she is not feeling the best today either. She won't stay home because she thinks she will miss the big social event that I call "school."
    Anyway, good luck on finding a scale, let us know.