Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I have found the cure for overweight people!!!

Just go to the bloody dentist!

I had to have root canal today, i've been calling it route canal and its only just dawned on me that thats wrong! All was going ok but the dentist said that he couldn't do it due to something wrong with the roots, something that I was born with apparently and it would have to come out. I trust him, if it has to come out it has to come out, it was horrible! really really horrible. My whole face was numb including my eye and my nose, i'm swollen and the pressure he had to apply in order to remove it was immense. I was thinking whilst he was pulling as hard as he possibly could that perhaps the tooth was quite happy where it was and we should leave it. It came out in the end, I left looking like i'd been in a fight!

Before I got to the dentist when I was dropping Izzy at school I looked in my handbag and realised that George's drink for nursery had leaked, a good half a pint of liquid had gone in my handbag and ruined my mobile phone and my burberry purse, so my day wasn't going so well to start with.

Since returning from the dentist i've been strangely tearful, mainly when i've just spoken to someone, think i'm feeling a bit sorry for myself. Maybe its the novacane?

Still haven't stood on the scales, if i'm honest i'm slightly scared that they might go up after over indulging at the weekend so that makes it easier! After my dental treatment i've not eaten anything other than a banana all day as I didn't get around to breakfast this morning. Also, i've not been to the gym either, will go on Thursday and if I feel ok and Paul gets home from work early enough I might try tomorrow evening.

Hope that everyone is well, sorry for my moany teary blog today!


  1. Ouch, hope you feel better soon!

  2. Not such a good day. You'll get better. I too had a root canal and it took 3 visits, lots of freezing and not able to chew much. And yes, you might just be reacting to the novacaine since they had to freeze you pretty well.

    Hope your day goes better and you can eat again.

  3. Sorry for the crappy day. That dentist visit sounds just awful. The only time I ever had a tooth pulled, I just had them put me under because I knew I wasn't going to want a memory of that. I hope they gave you some good drugs and that you can get some rest.

  4. what a yucky day. It will get better.. hug

  5. Oh yuck! Sorry about the dentist. Drugs or not I would be upset too if I ruined a Burberry and my phone.

  6. What a crappy day. I'd be crying a lot too!