Sunday, 23 May 2010

Scale challenge and its still hot!

Ok, we've established that i'm fat and really really pale so no suprise that i'm still not really enjoying the warm weather, it was somewhere around 30 (86f ish) today. Typically its meant to be 30 again tomorrow and then cool right back down again so I really shouldn't complain.

I'm challenging myself not to weigh everyday, my weigh in day will be Saturday and I will do my very best not to weigh in between.

Have had a busy day, gym, getting a tyre fixed on the car which cost a fortune and then (yet) another birthday party! I've mentioned before that Isobel goes to a girls school and there are 18 girls inc her in her class, each of them has had a party and we seem to have alot around now, we have 5 in the next 3 weeks! Its just so time consuming.
Next Sundays party is a Princess party with princess dress essential, well its optional but Isobel feels that its essential! I've just bought her a snow white dress on ebay, it was super cheap and she'll love me forever once she see's it, she loves snow white.

I'm a big reader, I've normally always got a book on the go, i'm just about to finish Karin Slaughter's Genesis. I love Karin Slaughter, quite gory but very gripping. After this I have the 4th twilight book to read but then nothing else lined up, would love some recomendations. I'm fairly game for any kind of book.

Need to book a fill, I have 5cc's in a 14cc band, I don't really have any restriction. I have trouble getting to my Dr's office as they're in central London and i'm very nearly in East Anglia (v frightening, I swore I would never live in EA a few years ago!) they are in London on a Thursday morning and because of my children its really hard for me to get there, really the only way for me to do it is for my husband to take the day off work. He generally is very good and would do this if he could but has just started a new job (with same company) and is very busy so its not really going to happen. I think that my provider do a clinic in Birmingham on a Saturday, although this is a longish drive its going to be the easiest way for me to get a fill. I'm going to check this out and hopefully book a fill tomorrow.

Hope that everyone is well, my thoughts and prayers are with Barbara and her family


  1. Love me some ebay. Good luck getting your fill.

  2. Good luck getting a fill appointment!
    Aren't the parties crazy sometimes? My hell month was January - 6 parties total. It was so expensive and left me no weekends, but at leas they have fun.

  3. You are too sweet Alison, thank you for wishes.. things will be ok.. I just need to pray .. it will be ok..
    So.. love SNOW WHITE (but I am really a TinkerBell Girl).. good luck getting the fill appt. I do a countdown to my fill day.. I look forward to it so much.. love London.. spent a few weeks there with my daughters... need to save up to visit again..
    Let us know how you make out...

  4. Your daughter will look the part in her snow white outfit...adorable.
    I love Karin Slaughter too! Usually can't put her books down...hope you can get that fill soon.

  5. Good luck getting that fill, and take lots of pictures of Miss Snow White. My aunt and uncle always used to say, "These are the times memories are made of," to each other when their little kids were getting crazy. It's not grammatically correct, but boy is it true.

  6. Hi Alison, love your blog. I just wanted to ask can you get a fill whenever you decide or do you have to wait until your doctor recommends it? I know getting there is the problem but I think if the timing of the fills were up to me I would have had loads by now ;-)
    Hope you get yours organised soon.