Wednesday, 26 May 2010

NSV and snow white pics

Hello, thanks so much for your comments yesterday, I felt so sorry for myself, sorry to be so self indulgent.

Am feeling ok today, mouth is a little tender but i'm much better than I thought I would be. I'm not very hungry, I tell you, going to the dentist is the cure for obesity!

My lovely friend, Sarah, was around today, she's the only person other than Paul that knows about my surgery, she thinks I look like i've lost alot of weight since she last saw me which I think was Friday. I'm not weighing in until Saturday but its made me really want to have a peek at the scales, will try and be strong.

Isobel's ebay snow white costume came today, she is delighted with it, i've taken some photo's, she was doing an odd dance for most of them so she looks a little strange but I will post my favourites. Not sure why they have appeared at the top of the post. The first one is of George, Isobel is pulling one of her dancing faces but how cute is my boy?
The second one is a rare tender moment between them, Isobel has just had her hair cut today and they have both been super good (so far!!!)

Hope everyone is having a super Wednesday!


  1. Your Munchkins are adorable.. I miss that age so much.. And the Snow White outfit is just adorabl and fits perfectly.. how cute!!

  2. They are darling, glad you're feeling better.

  3. So cute. I remember when my girls wore princess costumes - sigh...It goes by so fast. Glad your mouth is feeling better.

  4. I miss the Snow White days. Your kids are adorable.

  5. They are so cute. What is it about girls that age and their weird dramatic dancing? The poses my daughter does sometimes are so funny.