Tuesday, 4 May 2010

young guns (go for it!)

No real reason for the title other than hearing the song on the radio in the car this morning. Had just dropped George at nursery so turned it up loud and sang along. In case you don't know its a Wham song and ridiculously camp.

Anyway, i'm not a young gun (what is a young gun anyway?) but today I am going for it! My food choices have been stupid lately, we spent the school fee's on this band and what am I doing? Trying to snap it off by eating loads of food! Incidently, I saw an article in a downmarket magazine the other day about a woman who's band had snapped!

But not today and not from now on, oh no. I have it all planned out today, breakfast was to be a shake with a banana, this didn't happen as the stupid blender wouldn't blend, I really must take it back to the shop. I had wheatabix instead, worth about 200 cals, lunch was a Innocent veg pot risotto, was ok 260 cals. Dinner will be another Innocent veg pot, a dhal one, about 300 cals, I may have a smoothie lolly thing tonight too which would be 100 cals. I've had some tea and will have more so will allow about 100 cals for milk. Taking me to roughly 1000 cals.

Scale said 17st 2 again today (240 lbs) in fact it said 17.2 and 1/2 but i'm ignoring the half for now!

Today have done lots of housework, my floors look lovely, I feel quite achey after it so it must have helped, my daughter has a friend coming home from school with her today, she lives in the cleanest house i've ever been in so i'm trying to not show myself up!

Hope that everyone has lovely days, thanks so much for your comments, it means so much.


  1. Your scales say the same as mine and they dont seem to want to move! Its be the same there abouts for the last 3 weeks and Ive had a fill since then. Its frustrating to say the least but I am noticing that clothes are looser now so maybe its gone in inches? Anyway just wanted to say you are not alone in your struggle. Lets celebrate when the damn scale drops to the next stone.

  2. I hate the scale! Cleaning is definately calorie burning activity especially floors!