Thursday, 13 May 2010

xray fill and stress!

Morning all,

Had my first fill yesterday, it didn't hurt at all, I had an xray at the same time to make sure that the band was in the right place and so they could check how much restriction I had. I now have 5cc's in a 14cc band.
I'm on fluids for 3 days, I have to admit that I was very hungry yesterday and was nibbling on wasabi peas on the way home (have you tried them? they are amazing!)

Lots of stress here at the moment, all with my daughters school. My husband has an appointment with her school this morning to talk about her "progress" which I think basically means her attitude!
She's a very bright girl and she is bloody hard work, she is trying it on with them to get attention, this has been going on since she started in September last year, she's only 5. I've had meetings with them before saying that I believe that they need to deal with her in a short and sharp way, instead they seem to talk to her for ages and she gets lots of attention from that. Just last week she decided that she wasn't going to stand in line, she ended up in the headteachers office for an hour making excuses about why she didn't want to! An hour! Has the woman got nothing better to do?
So, although the teacher feels its very important that i'm at the meeting i'm not going, mainly because of 4 things, my husband doesn't want me to go, I will probably cry, I will get defensive and I most probably tell them to shove it or probably all of the above! Oh and I have to look after George too.
I am ready to move her to another school, this has gone on since she started and I find it incredibly stressful, as I said she is a pain but we have ways of managing her here, I can't understand why they are unable to do the same at school.

Anyway, because of all the stress combined with not loosing the 2 lbs I gained when I went out last Saturday my diet started to go downhill on Tuesday, it was just an excuse really, I also had that last supper feeling on Wednesday and had a lots of peanuts. I don't normally eat peanuts although I love them, Isobel is allergic to them, her throat swells so I don't take the chance of having them around the house, so in my messed up logic I thought I must eat the whole pack of peanuts, I did, its had a very odd effect on certain bodily functions!

The Dr was pleased with my weightloss, it only showed as 12 lbs on their scales as I was wearing jeans and a couple of pounds of peanuts too I should think!

Sorry for droning on, hope everyone is well.


  1. That is so odd that your daughter's school doesn't just do what you tell them will work! You'd think they'd want to make it as painless as possible!

    Glad the fill went well!

  2. Obviously your daughter is doing an awesome job of manipulating her teachers and shame on them for not listening to you.

  3. Go to the meeting with your daughter and listen. Don't hate me Alison---It's important for your daughter to learn how to deal with all situations --good and bad. Allow her to deal with the consequences. A 20 year old I know now---use to fall out of his chair it class for attention at that age---and now he is an amazing thoughtful and considerate adult.
    You are a great mother---I can tell how much you care in your posts. Mothers are an amazing sort---We never stop caring!
    I am torn on posting this!!!