Saturday, 8 May 2010

Toothache is marvelous for weightloss

Good morning, cold and wet here, horrible!

Went to see the dentist yesterday, I have an infection and will require a root canal, how did that happen? Everything was fine 6 months ago.

The kind of plus side is that i'm not very interested in eating and have been sticking to mush type food as chewing hurts.

Weighed in this morning at 16st 10 & 3/4 lbs. (234 and 3/4 lbs) This is an alltime low! This makes my total loss just over 18 lbs.

Didn't have a great night's sleep as my son woke up wet when we went to bed, he wears 2 nappies, have no idea how that happened and then Isobel woke at 2am having wet the bed! This happen's rarely, I think that they must have planned it! So now I have lots of laundry and its raining outside (I prefer my sheets to dry outside)

Am going out to dinner with a couple of friends tonight, really hoping that I won't overeat, the way my mouth feels its unlikely. I will stick to something fairly mushy, risotto or something, I might have a small dessert though, maybe a little icecream but won't go over the top.

Am going to take my toothache to the gym shortly, my brain is making excuses but I must go as with the kids being ill i've not been since Sunday. Have a lovely weekend x


  1. I hate toothache so I sympathise. (not just hate, I have a real phobia of the dentist). I bet ice cream will feel nice. Hope you and yours are all better soon x

  2. Sorry to hear about the tooth issues, but way to go with the weightloss!

  3. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Toothaches are the worst. Hope you manage to have a nice dinner.