Friday, 28 May 2010

Official weigh in day

Happy Saturday morning all, its early here, 7.21 am, have been awake since 5am when George woke up, he went back to sleep, I didn't. Have been reading the 4th twilight book, breaking dawn, but i'm not really enjoying it, seems a bit silly. I guess that it is aimed at teenagers and i'm 37! Will persevere though.
Isobel is downstairs with me, the boys are sleeping, we're watching Mamma mia for the 100th time.

Did my official weigh in today and I was 16st 6 lbs! which is 230 lbs. I'm delighted and can't help but think that avoiding the scales everyday (other than Thursday!) has helped, i'm certain my toothache has really helped but hope that i'm becoming used to smaller portions, I have a fill on the 8th so that should help too. I won't weigh in again until next Saturday.

My jeans are getting far too big, they're a uk size 22, I have some in a uk 20 which felt a little tight when I tried them the other day but I may have lost a couple of pounds since then, I don't mind them being a bit tight but hate the dreaded muffin top they give me.
Will try them again today and then hope that I never have to wear the 22's again. These jeans didn't fit me before the pre-op so its a great achievement.

Am going to the gym this morning, was thinking about walking there, its a couple of miles each way but the weather looks awful so probably won't.
Hope that everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Wonderful.. WONDERFUL!!! 6 lbs in a week.. even if the tooth ache was to play apart.. that is still 6 lbs gone. Boy.. you are really motivated walking to the gym.. I can't say too many of us do that in the states.. have a super weekend

  2. WHOO-HOO! Congrats on the loss and loose jeans :)

  3. Glad the scales are moving!!

  4. 6 lbs in a week---I can't even imagine!

  5. That's brilliant news - well done!

  6. Well done Alison. It's nice to see a reward for all your hard work. Rock those 20's you can do it...if not this week, maybe next week...but it'll be soon. xx

  7. Great weight loss. Not worth a toothache, but at least you got a positive out of it.