Thursday, 15 April 2010

3 week bandiversary

Haven't updated my blog for a while, simply because there isn't much to say, kids still of school and i'm still mainly refereeing their fights!

I start mushies/puree foods today, I've been introducing mushier foods for a few days, have been having wheatabix for breakfast for a week or so and didn't bother pureeing any small lumps in soup. Went a bit mad yesterday afternoon and ate chocolate and some biscuits, not sure why I did it, had a little curry and brown rice for dinner, ate a 3rd of it and then felt truly awful for a couple of hours due to the junk i'd already eaten, hopefully i've learnt my lesson.

Have just had scrambled egg for lunch, I had it with a piece of toast that I let the egg make soggy before I ate it, I added a little cheese and a tomato and feel stuffed now.

Still no movement on the scales other than up a pound down a pound, am ok with it now, guess it might change now that i'm on mushy food, am going to go back to the gym at the weekend which might help.


  1. I think this phase is hard. At least for me. I don't really feel that much different, I'm eating less for sure, but its not lasting as long as I thought it would. Here's to the first fill!! You're doing great!

  2. This phase WAS hard, for sure! Just listen to what your body is telling you (except when it tells you to eat chocolate and biscuits! You know it's lying when it says it needs those things!) Stick to eating your 1 cup of food at a time, and feel for the actual growly hunger, rather than the head/emotional hunger. This is a real learning really take the time to learn what your body is telling you. :)