Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Did you hear the one about the vegetarian?

Who, since being banded can't get enough of chicken?

Not sure what is happening to me! I've not eaten meat in about 9 years and I can honestly say its never really bothered me. I spoke to Paul before the op and said that I may consider eating chicken as my diet is normally low in protein. Now, I just can't get enough of it, i'm eating chicken in a salad for lunch now. Don't think i'll eat red meat but you just never know!

Thank you everyone who commented yesterday, it is very early in my journey and I know that it will get better. I have my first fill booked for the 13th of May, 3 weeks tomorrow!

Did really well yesterday, ate high protein/low fat, no chocolate, biscuits or crisps (chips), am doing the same so far today and feel good about it. Am back to my all time low of 16 st 13 lbs, 237 lbs. Can't wait to get under this weight, the scales haven't moved downwards in almost 3 weeks!

Have a good day all.


  1. Welcome to Bandland! So happy for you! As I tell everyone on this journey--it's the VERY BEST thing you will have done for yourself! Please keep coming back to my blog--feel free to ask questions, tell me what you need and let me know how you are doing! Onward! Judi

  2. My scale is like a frog, it keeps jumping up and down, very frustrating.

  3. The vegetarian to non vegetarian is so weird! As long as you are getting your protein in!! lol. I don't think I could give up meat all together!

  4. I was a vegetarian for YEARS until I realized how much better I feel when I eat some meat. I was severely anemic and my blood sugar was all wonky. SO, chow down on that chicken and enjoy it. I made Italian chicken sausage for dinner last night and had leftovers for breakfast...soooo good!

  5. Congrats. You are doing great. Can't comment about vegetarian eating - I love me some meat.