Friday, 2 April 2010

They're back!

Morning all,

My lovely family came back yesterday, it was odd without them although I quite enjoyed it but its great to have them back even though my daughter is making me watch Hannah Montanna!

Scale news isn't great, they are steadily climbing, i'm up a couple of pounds on my lowest, have no idea why, not eating enough? eating too much? I'm probably taking about 800 cals a day. I now weigh 17st 2 lbs, 240 lbs.

Band news, i'm going to a wls support group this afternoon, although I can't be sure that its actually on, its a patient arranged meeting in a pub about half an hour from here, have e-mailed but had no reply so it doesn't look great but will go along and see as i'm also meeting a lady a "talked" to on a UK forum who has her op on Wednesday.

Happy easter all!


  1. Hey-- give it a little time!! I know it is frustrating to see the scale go haywire post surgery, but don't worry, this is a momentary situation.
    You will get there!!

  2. I'm sure you missed everyone, but it must have been nice to have some alone time. Vanessa's right post surgery is not the time to worry about loss. You can't control the crazy stuff your body is doing now.

  3. Hey Alison, I was banded on 3/15/10 --gained a few pounds the first week after surgery --then lost them. Now I haven't lost any weight for 2 1/2 weeks and I have been sticking to 6-900 calories. I'm beginning to wonder if what BG said about not eating enough you end up in the STARVATION MODE has anything to do with it. I'm not really too hungry. Make sure you get your water in! I'm proud of you for going to the pub---have fun!