Monday, 5 April 2010

Nanny McPhee and avoiding chocolate

Hello all,

Husband off work today so met up with a friend and went to the cinema with our daughters. R is a good friend but doesn't know about my band, I feel a bit guilty about it but she confided in me a couple of months ago that she has suffered with bulimia and that I should "watch her" to make sure that she's eating as her husband knows nothing about it. I think that she has lost weight recently, she mentions food and weight loss alot and I think that if she knew about my band she would be quite competitive and while that wouldn't bother me it would probably harm her.
Anyway, I saw her today and she was raving about how much weight i've lost, i've not seen her for a couple of weeks. My husband also mentioned that I had lost weight today which is really nice to hear.
We went to see Nanny McPhee, I've not seen the first one but really enjoyed it, I cried at the end. I managed not to eat popcorn, chocolate or sweets at all, I got a tall skinny latte from Costa to take in with me and that was enough for. My house is full of chocolate, my mother in law sent the kids home with about 25 eggs, most of the them quite small and fondant filled but still, 25 each!! I've managed to not nibble at all, go me!

My daughter is off school for 2 more weeks, Paul back at work tomorrow so I need to really have a think about possible activities or I will be climbing the walls!

I need to take my dressings off my wound, the steri strips are stuck tight and i'm dreading it, will soak them in the bath but i'm scared! They should have come off yesterday, I really must get them off tonight.

The scale was very kind this morning, i'm down to 16st 13 lbs (and 3/4's) which is 237 (and 3/4's) lbs. I'm really hoping that I never see 17 stones on the scale again.


  1. Congratulations on breaking the 17stone barrier, I was so chuffed when I managed the same thing a couple of weeks ago. And super well done on avoiding the chocolate, which I something I haven't/can't do!