Wednesday, 21 April 2010

We're at an all time low folks!

Well my chicken diet must be working, i've finally broken under 16st 13 (237) today I was 16st 12.5 (236.5) Its only half a pound but I will take it!

Terrible nights sleep here, George woke at 4am crying, took a minute to settle and i've been awake since then, got up half an hour ago, did some chores and here I am (its 5.30am here)
Its a big day for us, George (2 and a half) starts nursery today, I know that he will be fine and will really enjoy himself but I think i'm a little anxious about it. I'm really anxious about remembering to take everything, the last 2 days i've forgotten bits for Isobel to take to school, its getting that bad that apparently Isobel (5) discussed it with her teacher and they decided that I ought to have a list! I'd only forget the list so its pretty pointless.

I'm going to go to the gym this morning, I went for the first time back on Sunday, it was ok, there were a couple of stomach crunch type exercises that caused pain in my port so I will avoid them this time, thats if I can keep myself awake.

Am going out to dinner tonight with a very good friend, she doesn't know about my band (only my husband and best friend do) Alyson is a great friend, she's also George's godmother so we are very close. I'm wondering if I should tell her about the band, I don't think that she would judge me and I think that she would be ok about it but I know that it will dominate the evening and I don't know if I want that, will see how I feel later.
Wonder if I'll still be 16st 12 lb's after dinner out?

Am just teasing myself watching a cookery program, its presented by Sophie Dahl who is as skinny as could be, she's going on about how she loves to eat all this calorific food, not sure that I buy it.

Have a wonderful day all, will post pictures of Georgie in his uniform.


  1. Yah for Chicken! Please post the pic of George-I'm sure it will be the cutest!

    As for telling your friend. It might just pop out depending on how you are feeling. If you do tell, just give the basics and tell her you want to talk about other stuff. Have fun.

  2. I second the picture of your munchkin!

  3. It's been so hard to keep it from my friends. I finally broke down and told one of them last week at dinner because I just had to talk about it. I haven't gotten my band yet - I was going to wait until I was approved to tell, but I'm feeling so nervous about everything I wanted to talk to her about it. She did't say anything negative, but I don't know that she was overly positive. That's okay though. She'll come around.

  4. Its good that you managed to talk to someone about it Bonnie.
    I feel that I could have told my friend, I think that she would have been ok but its not that well known about here and it would mean a huge explination and lots of questions when I just wanted to eat my chicken!