Friday, 9 April 2010

Not very happy

I know that I am 15 days post op, I know that this is a time I should be healing and not worrying about loosing weight, I know that the band isn't really "switched on" yet as its empty but why aren't I loosing weight?????

I'm eating about 800 cals a day, i'm starting to get hungrier but i'm managing it, i'm sticking to liquids as instructed, i'm not constipated so why are am I 2 pounds heavier today than yesterday? I've lost nothing in over a week and the same 2 pounds keep going on and coming off.

In the past when I have dieted its when the weight stops coming off that I start eating, i'm not going to do this now but it is so dispiriting. This operation cost us £8,000 no way am I going to do anything to jeapadise it but its just so unfair!

Yesterday I ate:

Protein shake 125 cals
w banana 75 cals
soup 100 cals
soup 250 cals
apple 60 cals
choc mousse 120 cals
milk 100 cals

total 830 cals

My first fill is on the 13th of May, i'm on liquids for another 5 days. Then mush.
whinge whinge moan moan (I think i'm turning in to my kids!!)


  1. Some soups tend to be high is sodium which can cause bloating-are you drinking enough water?

    I hated liquids. :)

  2. I don't know why and I'm sorry you are upset, but it's very normal.
    Maybe it's too little calories, maybe it's your body adjusting, maybe it's sodium..we'll never know, but I promise you, it happened to a lot of us. Don't let the negative thoughts drive you crazy. This will work, it just takes time.
    Hang in there - where you are was the hardest part for me - for *exactly* the same reason.

  3. Thanks both, I guess that it could be the sodium as i'm using preprepared soups, i've been ok with water but will try and drink more. I feel so sorry for myself!

  4. Hi Alison
    I had this same issue with plateau-ing, and I think lots of other bandsters have too. I upped my calorie intake when it happened and that seemed to do the trick; have a look at my blog postings for the beginning of Feb to see that I was going through the same thing as you. And, although it's easy to say, try not to get too downhearted about it: this is a long journey and it's a bumpy one too but, ultimately, we will get there!

  5. It must be so hard to have all that waiting to get a band and then not get the immediate reward of losing weight. But from what I've read it seems like most people go through this healing period so try not to get too upset.

  6. I'm hitting that wall right now. I've found that when I add a few more calories (still in full liquid form) it helps the scale cooperate. I recently added hummus since it's a somewhat fatty food and I really think it's helped me. Don't get too discouraged!

  7. I could have written the same post. I swear to you that when I switched to solid foods and upped my calories to around 1200-1400, I started losing like crazy. I lost over 4 pounds that first week. Your poor body thinks you're starving to death. It will get better.

  8. Hello Alison, I know that it is not easy to accpet that this is normal but it is. Eating a bit more will help with the weight loss. It is very important to heal even if it is frustrating don't worry it will come off.