Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Today I turn over a new leaf

Sorry i've not updated for ages, firstly my life is quite dull! and secondly my eating has been awful.

I'm meant to be on mushy foods, i'm not sticking to that and am eating anything and everything, most of what I eat is quite mushy I suppose so its not the end of the world but i've been eating lots of biscuits and chocolate too, lots of it. I don't know whats gone wrong in my head, I do think that not loosing any weight isn't helping but i'm like a woman possessed.

So, from today i'm going to follow the rules, i'm also reintroducing protein shakes, although I don't really like them I found that I could stick to them quite easily and I wasn't very hungry so i've had one for breakfast with a banana, will have a ww ready meal for lunch and maybe the same for dinner but will have a couple more protein shakes during to day if I feel I need them.

I don't feel that I have any restriction, my provider doesn't put any fluid in the band when its fitted, I could feel a little full feeling, probably still a little swollen.

Other than that, Isobel has gone back to school today! Yay!!! George starts nursery on Thursday, he's only doing 2 mornings a week but has to wear a uniform, I'll be sure to post some pictures on my blog he has to wear tailored shorts and knee high socks!
Hope that everyone is well.


  1. I'm not getting anything in my band during surgery either.. so I have a feeling once the swelling goes down..it will be a waiting game until my first fill.

    Do you have a fill coming up?

  2. It's so early in your journey. Your body is still healing. Don't get discouraged. If we could lose weight without restriction, we wouldn't need the band. Can't wait to see pics of George - a little boy in uniform is so cute.

  3. It will come...try to be patient...

  4. I cannot wait to see the pictures of your little man in his uniform!!!