Thursday, 29 April 2010

Same old same old.

Nothing to say at all, am same weight 16st 13lbs, (237 I think) have got back on the wagon. Was up half the night with Isobel who has terrible hay fever yesterday which somehow turned in to croup so we didn't get much sleep.

My first instinct when I came downstairs this morning was that I needed junk to keep me going, not sure why, think that I feel my lack of sleep is a legitimate excuse to stuff myself. Instead I had tea and then a couple of slices of toast. Had coffee out but only had a skinny latte and no pastry or cake to go with it, have since had a couple of sugar free boiled sweets but that is all. Will have a high protein lunch but might well try and get us all to nap first. Wish me luck on that!!


  1. I hope the baby feels better! Croup is very annoying.

  2. No fun! It is easy (and familar) to turn to food when things aren't going well, but the truth is you'll feel better if you chose healthy meals. Good job! I hope the kiddo feels better soon.

  3. Sorry about Isobel. Good job not giving in to your first instinct to stress eat. Hope you got your nap.