Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy 4 week (and 1 day) bandiversary to me

Forgot that yesterday was my band's anniversary, we've been as one for 4 weeks now. I feel completely normal now, first few days were rough but its like it never really happened now.

I'm just uploading George's first day at school picture. Paul took some before school and before he had brushed George's hair and quite frankly they are awful, in the first one he's bearing his teeth and has slight red eye, he looks evil. So, I took some more when he got home, they are ok, better than the first lot anyway. He enjoyed nursery but got a bit upset towards the end (to be fair he's 3 in September and he's never been left with anyone other than me and Paul and my best friend once or twice but we see her a couple of times a week and I think that he prefers her to me! ) He gave me the biggest hug and smile when I got there, it was lovely.

Went out for dinner and didn't tell my friend, her partner was there too which is no problem, I love her too, they are both quite overweight so I know that they would understand to a degree, they might not agree with surgery but they will understand how I feel. Lapbands aren't really that well know about over here, I'd read the odd article before I started researching it but didn't really know much. I felt that the whole evening would be spend explaining it and answering questions when really I just wanted to eat!
My food choices weren't the best but i'm ok with that, goats cheese stuffed chicken with pesto which was amazing followed by eton mess which was lovely too. The scales were up half a pound, so today i'm back to 16 st 13 lbs (237 pounds) thats ok too.

Oh, a little NSV too, got a text from Alyson last night saying "We both thought you looked very lovely this evening" How great is my friend?

Hope everyone has a great Friday xx


  1. Happy 1month!! and 1day :0) And yay for the NSV.. very sweet friends you have..

  2. What a great way to spend your bandiversary!