Saturday, 10 April 2010

changing taste's?

Happy Sunday all! My horrible kids had me up so early i'm not sure that any of this will make and sense!

Have been meaning to blog about this for ages, about a week post op I had some chocolate mousse, it didn't taste of anything, I gave it to Paul, he said it was fine. I've had a couple more, they've not tasted of that much either, its like I can smell the chocolate but not really taste it. Last night I had some easter egg chocolate and again it tasted of nothing. Obviously being a fat pig, I soldiered on just incase I could taste anything but it really didn't! Whats going on, did anyone find that their tastes changed so dramatically?

It could be that uping my calories might be working, today I was 16st 13 lbs, 237 pounds. This is my lowest weight and i've been here several times over the last week, will see what tomorrow brings.

My friend posted this on facebook, thought I would do mine here.

5 things we don't know about you

I love Morrissey, I think that I would quite happily marry him if he asked, Obviously Paul would just need to share me. This is unlikely to happen as he's gay and a bit of a misery!

I really fancy living in the USA for a bit, this is unlikely as the way we would move would be via Paul's job (he's an accountant) and he works for a very large UK company who's name begins with British so its most unlikely they'll be sending him anywhere.

My daughter goes to a private school, there are lots of "yummy mummy" types there, I feel that I really don't fit in at all and really don't enjoy drop off's and pick ups.

I'm really proud of my husband (despite wanting to marry Morrissey!) he's just got a promotion and he works so hard but is a bit of a worrier and sometimes can't see that he does a fantastic job. He's got an "outstanding" in his last few appraisals, he's great.

I can't imagine that I will ever work again. I always worked, I worked for a large shipping company in supply chain management, I did a good job. Having been a stay at home mum for over 5 years I can't imagine that anyone would want to employ me, I feel like my brain slipped out of my ear and I mainly spend my time trying to keep the house clean and tidy (and generally fail) and stopping my children fighting!


  1. I ended up getting up early too-5 am my time-but no kids to blame. You'll have to plan to visit a lot of places if you can't live in the States. That'll come later when those kids are grown and doing well because you took on one of the hardest jobs in the world-stay at home mom. So take pride in that job.

    Hope you have a lovely Sunday.

  2. We have the same problem on a Friday morning here ( its our Sunday) the kids don't lie in...arggh

    Morrisey.....This charming man....really....what is it about the miserable b*****d that women like?

    I'm not sure the American and Australian ladies will know Morrisey....

  3. I LOVE Morrisey! I was a Smiths nut in high school. I have had some changes in taste also since banded. weird. I don't know what a"yummy mummy" is, but I am totally borrowing that phrase!

  4. Andrew, really. Americans have excellent taste in music!

  5. My tastes did change a little. Like now sweet things are super sweet (which is good-limits my intake).
    I love Morrisey too! I had a super High School crush on him (although Bono is my true love).
    The Yummy Mummy thing sucks, there are plenty of those at my daughters preschool. I have a pact with Heidi at Shrinking Mommy that we will be hot Mom's when our daughters start Kindergarten this fall.

  6. Yay! We all love Morrissey other than Andrew who must have slightly dubious musical taste! I just need to point out that if he decides to take a wife it will be me.

    Yummy mummy's are normally very thin and well dressed and snotty and although they are very small they tend to drive enormous vehicles, they are fully made up and manicured early in the morning and generally hang around in packs! I'll have to join yours and Heidi's pact, Linda, I will never ever be a Yummy Mummy!

    The changing tastes thing is really odd, I stole one of George's quavers (reformed cheesy potato snack) earlier and it didn't taste of anything at all, I think that they must have removed something else when I had surgery!

  7. I have noticed my tastes have changed! I had a tiny bite of a french fry and it was incredibly bland and unappealing. Smelled great, though!

  8. my taste in food has changed so much since having my bypass! I can't believe the stuff I used to love now tastes so vile... things like root beer, chocolate ice cream, and icing from cake just don't do it for me anymore.