Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sunday morning

I never feel like I get enough sleep, its like a permanent hangover when I've drank nothing at all!

I'm up early with Isobel so the boys can sleep on. Nothing very exciting is happening, yesterday I didn't stop all day, we had a swimming lesson and then a party for Isobel to attend and then friends over and finally Paul, Isobel and I had a cinema night with candy floss and popcorn, I don't really like either but as they were there I did eat some.

I didn't get the chance to eat all day so ended up eating a fair bit last night, I had a chicken salad with pita bread and olives, I love olives, I guess that they aren't that good for you are they? These were stuffed with jalapeno peppers and were amazing. After eating that and then shortly after the popcorn I got a pain in my left shoulder, I had it the other night too after I ate, its almost like a wind pain, its odd but I have heard others talk about it.

I know that I need to address the amount that I eat, I guess when i've had a fill (or 2) my body will force me too, for the most part it was quite healthy, more salad than anything but I felt uncomfortably full afterwards.

Scales aren't great today, 17st (238 lbs), but i'm ok with this, I think that its probably a reaction to eating fairly late and TOM is due any time which I know was responsible for me inhaling chocolate the other night.
I'm off to the gym this morning and am thinking about walking there, I live right by a river and can walk along it to the gym, its about a 30-40 minute walk each way, its just started raining here though so will see how it is later.
I have another party to take Isobel too later, Izzy goes to an all girls school, this is her first year and her class has 18 in it, so far everyone has invited everyone to the whole class which is lovely but its time consuming and expensive. It also seems to me that each party gets slightly more fantastic each time, yesterdays party must have cost at least £700 (over $1000) this is for 5 year olds!

Have a lovely day all x


  1. Hi. Just happened across your blog. It looks like we may have been banded close to the same time. It's good to see other peoples stories that are at the same place and having the same struggles I am. I was banded on March 19, 2010. I am so ready for my first fill. It is Tuesday.
    Anyway, good luck with your journey. Check out my

    Thanks. Marcia

  2. Wow! You are busy. I am constantly shocked at how much people spend on their kids parties. Oh, and what is candy floss?

  3. A hangover with no alcohol? Bummer.

  4. Candy floor is nasty sugar stuff, think its called cotton candy in the US maybe?

  5. How late at night did that pain come on to you? I have had it too---I think it was eating too fast and not chewing-chewing enough.
    My cousin who has been banded for over 3 yrs says she really has a hard time if she eats late at night.
    Just a thought-
    Only take Isobel to her special friends parties--everyone's is too much. She will be jaded forever ;-)
    Hope I didn't overstep myself!

  6. The pain wasn't too late but it was pretty much after eating, its not very painful, I just feel gassy really. Haven't had it tonight so far which is good.

    You've not overstepped yourself at all
    Isobel loves the parties, its me that's not keen! She'd never forgive me if I didn't let her go. Costs me a fortune in presents!

  7. Hi Alison,
    Thanks so much for checking in, following me and cheering me up! I have read your blog before and you are right its good to catch up with poeple in the UK. I had the same problem as you after the op in that I could pretty much eat anything and it was very difficult to be good but I had my first fill on Friday (23rd) and I cant eat anything now. I am struggling to get over 500cals and thats just on slim fast!
    You are right that the fill will make all the difference.
    Just a tip for the party thing. When my girls were small I used to have a gift box which I filled with all the stuff in the Sales after Christmas etc. I would go to Superdrug or Matalan, Claires and the Disney store (anywhere really) and gets lots of stuff half price or better. That way when a party came round we would just go to the gift box an pick something out. It saved me a small fortune.
    Good luck and take care x