Friday, 30 April 2010

Really ready for a fill

I struggled all day yesterday, I had protein shakes and good food but reached for the cookies at about 5pm, I ate loads, have no idea how many. Not sure why i'm doing this.

Was thinking earlier, in the past I have followed weight watchers and lost weight, when i'm doing that I eat far more than I am doing now, perhaps my meals should be bigger or my meals stay the same and I have a couple of snacks. I just don't know what to do.
I was really tired yesterday so that didn't help and with Isobel being ill I didn't get to the gym. Paul is working from home today so I could probably go later if I feel up to it, i'm booked to go saturday and sunday too (you have to book slots at my gym)

My scales aren't very good, I weighed in 3 times today and got 3 different weights 16.13/17.1/16.13, am wondering about buying new ones but think that that might fuel my weighing obsession, might try and not weigh for a few days or just use the scales at the gym.

Am debating about going to the monthly support group tomorrow. This is a group organised by a gastric bypass patient and takes place in a pub in Suffolk, wls isn't so widespread in the UK as it is in the US. I went last month, I met with a lady who wasn't banded yet and met the rest of the group, there were 2 bypass patients, one of which told me every single detail of every single surgery she'd ever had and then advised us on certain things that we would need to do/get/see Dr for, none of this was correct for banding patients. It really was a waste of time but apparently there are normally more people there including a couple of people with bands. AND if I go I get some child free time which i'm feeling like I really need! Am thinking of popping by the meeting for a bit and then going off somewhere else to read my book alone!

Talking of children, Isobel is much better and has gone back to school, she was very rude this morning so we're all really fed up, she seems to play up much much more when Paul is here, there was lots of shouting (Isobel) and lots of over reacting (Paul) and lots of sighing (me) George is managing to make me smile though, I've cut and pasted the following from facebook so the text is different, i'm just a lazy moo!

Yay, George is finally over his Mr Tumble obsession but has replaced it with the Teletubbies. He calls the Teletubbies eh-ot, I say "say teletubies" George "eh-ot" me "say tele" George "tele", me "say tubbies" George "tubbies" me "say Teletubbies" George "eh-ot!!!"


  1. So cute about the eh-to. I was lucky and missed the Teletubbie craze when my kids were little. I'd go to the support group and see if others show up. Could be the one talky lady who loves to discuss all her surgeries drove everyone off. But like you said-get your child free time. Find a quiet coffee shop and read and sip and enjoy.

  2. Awe! I haven't gone to any of the support groups offered by my doc, because I feel I get enough from the blogs. But I do love child free time!

  3. Alison--Go to the meeting---even though you didn't get much from the last meeting --it was good for you ---RIGHT?

  4. I know it's too late to give my 2 cents, but hopefully you went to the support group. It can't hurt and hopefully it will help.

  5. Hello, I know the feeling of people not knowing that much about WLS in the UK. I guess it wll become more popular soon... In Ireland not a single surgeon does the operation.and even my GP had to do some research before he could give me any kind of advice. I would even have to travel to england if I wanted to go to support groups. I am happy there is a new bandster form Northern Ireland: Kelly. Just realised your support group is passed already well I hope you've been and it was useful at least to get some children free time.